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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
BB (1)

DFL's on-the-hoof comments about UK 'BIG BROTHER' Summer 2007

Thanks to TTA Press (Interzone) message boards and to Marion.


Who's looking forward to 'Big Brother' this summer?

Here are exceprts from the old-style TTA threads that have vanished on this subject:


I'm afraid they are only a selected record of my own previous posts, because it did not seem right to publish other people's posts at the time. Now it's too late.


Seriously, I am imposing a meaning on the antics within the BB frame:a meaning that, as well as giving meaning to the ludicrous behaviour of humanity, also gives meaning to an 'Art' perspective of this phenomenon. We can never tell; the filters are too complex. The thing, at its root, may be utter rubbish: a false mirror. Even so, that 'worry' is interesting in itself, as one explores one's own disintentioned self towards the inferred presence of many 'Proustian' selves that lurk within. At heart, I am simple-minded. Just trying to complexify things, not crucify them. A bit like reading an Elizabeth Bowen novel. Just a hobby.



It's the old question about art and entertainment: is it a mirror or is it the cause of what appears in the mirror.

I have great sympathy for some of the things you say, Foxie. I don't think you are an exception, Foxie. Most people on these threads - when they have commented on BB at all - have been rather derogatory and you have articulated their views brilliantly.

A schoolteacher whom I know very well tells me BB is a bad influence on the children she teaches. They copy its behaviour, I'm told.

I am more of the exception by being interested in it as a phenomenon and intellectualising it. A lot of entertainment and art is not nececssarily good for society in a measurable way, and many people claim much entertainlment (TV, Computer etc) is bad for society.

As well as the 'intellectual', Tennessee-Williams-type-theatrical, Warholesque way of looking at BB, I am also interested in the people as people, and their motives, and secret signs of behaviour that give them away (much as Marion describes above).

I was brought up in a very working-class / soap opera environment in the fifties and sixties. I'm not sure that's relevant. But I am brainstorming a bit in answer to your post, Foxie.

I enjoy reading and writing Horror fiction, as well as literary and SF literature. Is Horror art good for society and for the demeanour of humanity? It would be a long debate of brainstorming to make a case for Horror art. But people do.

Again, Foxie, I'm sure most people on these Boards would say they agree more with you, than with me, about BB.

But, unlike many who watch it and who do not admit to watching it, I do watch it and admit it, too!



Not seen the 'guests' yet, but just watched Davina's tour of the new house. I imagine it as an SF house, in the way someone in the nineteen-fifties might envisage a house in 2007! Including the garden fridge, bedroom oven and living-room bath.


Hey! Must interpolate after the first set of guests: there's a lady of my age in there - interested in Dickens, too! Wow!
(And two pretty twin girls).


Lesley is the 60 year old who's interested in Dickens. A pin-up for me!
All women? There's more to this than meets the eye.
I foresee trouble coming from Carol!!


"It's not Lutyens, but it's home," said Lesley, as the manic sprites flittered around her.


I think I dislike Shabs. Hardfaced creature

Is that her name? I know the one you mean, I'm sure. Frightening! Stuff of nightmares.
The twins are stuff of Prospero's Island.


BTW, Tracey seems to see taking part on BB as being one of the 'chosen few'. There is almost a religious or spiritual tinge to her expressed view of her own position now. The stigmata of the lip ring, too, and the 'hair-shirt' view of self ... and lack of cosmetics.


I'm going off Lesley. Seemed to be pretentious to bring up 'post-modern irony' at a housekeeping meeting. Sort of thing I might have done!
I wouldn't pee in the shower, though! But did she?

Beginning to like Carole more than the others.

Do NOT like Ziggy


You know, the flittery twins have a secret language together. That's why they don't make sense.

Am-I-bothered-Charley and Tracey are the loose cannons.

Lesley should go. Don't like her.

Carole is a dark horse, a bit unstable, going back to my original view about her.

Beginning to like Emily. Quite astute. Attractive.

Chanelle (?) is posh blandness.

Ziggy too smooth, too slick, too full of himself.

Not got a handle on Nicky, Laura yet.

The winner has yet to enter the house.


Some beauties there, Marion:

Twins: vapid
Ziggy: lounge lizard
Shabs: Eyes of a serial kller
Carole: Rearranged Rose West


Ziggy is a professional operator - that's why I don't like him.
There was something very stylised (Theatre of The Absurd?) about Ziggy's dinner partiy in turn with eleven females ... with eleven courses.

There was something pathetically clownish about Nicky's performance (whether intentional or not), with her pointy hat (later dramatically discarded in the garden) and her creamy eyelids amid the darker skin.

Equally (very Alfred Jarry), Lesley's performance with an imaginary bowl of olbas oil , vic or friar's balsam. Infusing the steeped aromas of the mattress - as treatment for a cold.


Well, I prefer Emily to Chanelle.
The latter's kink in her hair - more in her brain! And Genital Herpes from Carole's cold?

Carole - the 'croaky crone' - (aren't I cruel?) - she's lost the plot. And she was the one who claimed she was going to pull Lesley through!

Going back to Lesley. Hope she stays now.

The twins are more gormless than flittery these days.

Shabs' gauche remarks about 'deals' (double bluff?) in the diary room make her - with the slicing looks - the most inscrutable of the housemates.

All in all, this 'girly bollocks' (as the lounge lizard calls it) is wearing very thin.

Not a good year for BB as far as I am concerned ... so far.


Although not necessarily likeable all the time, I find both Emily and Shabs the most interesting people in there in terms of perceived behaviour. Shame one of them has to go. I like both of them, now.

I hate Ziggy. (One is allowed to 'hate' within the theatrical scenario presented by BB). He is a professinoal operator with women - yet thick, too. What a pig's breakfast of a character and a face. He is typical of today's civilisation. Despicable.

Picking wings off butterflies?


I may regret saying above that I liked Emily. I've just heard she's been kicked out by BB for racist behaviour


Thanks, Andy, both for the hot new details and the additional pointers!

Pre-Raphaelite swimmers from Waterhouse's 'Hylas' - seen to be two-dimensional when peeled from his canvas to take on a mere flittery motive force. Twin-dimensional within imaginary mirrors.


(a) Was this part of rap dance 'excitement'?
(b) Was it intentional for fame's sake?
(c) Was it genuinely part of a customary racist behaviour pattern on her part?

Whichever, she must be condemned. Channel 4 did right to remove her, especially in view of the CBB furore in the winter.

This is part of a great big debate on political correctness, eg comparing today to when I grew up in the fifties... and patterns of open and secret feelings/behaviour within our selves.


Emily seemed to use the term with an 'affectionate' or a friendly master-servant patronising intention. That intention may even have been sub-conscious. Many people did once use that term in that way, even certain races about themselves. They stll do. It was once used on TV comedy.
I cannot condone it in any circumstances and I don't think anyone is trying to do so.
Inexcusable, of course. Eviction was inevitable. I suppose they had to give the opportunity for Emily to explain herself in the diary room before she knew she was to be evicted, but it should have been done about 10 am, not 3 when she was already asleep.

As to upsetting the wider public, I'm sure many things on BB upset the wider public, without the apparent need for eviction.

Lesley seemed to come into her own when given an important job to read BB's message to the group about this situation. She'll probably not leave now. She's been crowned as the most reliable housemate with powers to scold and organise.

I wonder what would happen if the twins merged by inverse symbiosis. A butterfly back to its chrysalis?


Pre-Raphaelite swimmers from Waterhouse's 'Hylas' - seen to be two-dimensional when peeled from his canvas to take on a mere flittery motive force. Twin-dimensional within imaginary mirrors.



Interlude: Auntie Lesley should run an Infants School. She'd be very good at that. And that quote about a pineapple - was that real? We should invite her on to the poetry thread when she gets out.

Shabs was the most mature in her reaction to the Emily situation, I felt.

And the twins ... chick peas ... weight loss ...
I really do think , like many twins, they have secret signs and secreat codes, even a whole seceret language...


I have to say my current favourite Housemate is Shabs. I don't know how genuine she is but if she is genuine, then she's a nice girl, full of eagerness to please - belying her slicing looks.

Quite like Gerry. Not sure about Seany. He seems to be a serial minority bandwagoner.

Still hate the Cliff Richard clone.


I forgot to mention in my previous post that we shall never now know whether Lesley did pee in the shower. They've obviously been told not to ask her about it.
OK we call Seany Nero here on in.


A little birdie has jsut told me that the four nominators this week are Nero, Gerry and the twins. It will be interesting to see if the twins vote for the same two people without having before discussed it together.


Coconut-head sort of suits Chanelle.
When is Ziggy going to break out into a chorus of 'The Young Ones'?
I think Gerry and Nero are in love.


It's the twins' "gabble" that is a new language, however. Are they immortal sprites from a Midsummer Night's Dream? They're probably quite uncouth when they're at home! A pain to their Mum. They've left their wings under the stairs folded like the devil's bedding.


Concertina moods kicking off in Gabble City.

All that flitters is not told.
But the twins' reasons for their nominations (once I had translated the gabble into Pigeon-Toed English) seemed quite cogent, I have to say. They seem to have intelligence beneath the nonsensical spriteliness.

I still like Shabs the best (she has not much competition in my eyes), but I think she may well go. I hope Carole goes. I hear she is one of George Galloway's Babes.


I think the Sardines game in a slimy tin was an old-fashioned Happening from the sixties. Ludicrous. Dada.

Charley is taking a leaf out of Nicky's (of BB7) book - when waving her arm in the diary room and (referring to the new Nicky) shrieks: "Who is she?"

Tracey often gives glimpses of Pete's mannerisms...


Some flitter louts instigated a water fight in the dormitory last night...

I think we may be the only ones watching BB this year, Marion.

Corky must have abandoned us. Or doesn't know how to register on this new forum?


8.40 pm - why is there a big banner in the live audience tonight saying 'GET DES OUT!"???


I must say I was sorry to see the naturally honest (despite pinching loo paper) & energetic Shabs go. Her slicing looks eventually became endearing.

The 4 new blokes seem ... well, 4 new blokes. Blokey blokes. Weren't the twins excited spinning their vanes?

The person to get out next is Ziggy Bear!


I liked the juxtaposition of eye-blinks with telepathy.


They may be suitable as blank slates, pink expanses for stylopen... magic dust to powder their wings... talking backwards to an ancient Christmas when there were no dysfunctional families at all to cure...


Brian's a Midwich Cuckoo... the Twins are aliens too - and Seany and Gerry exchanged faces...

Jonathan and Nicky situation seems fraught with danger.


And do i hear the Othello music weaving its way round Ziggi?

Are you predicting the first murder in the BB House (as a follow up to the first gay kiss)? If so, where are they going to get the poison? From Charley's venom sac?


And why did nobody nominate Ziggi?

Brian amazes me. He acts like 36 and he's only 18.

Carole was spotted by me on day one as the housemate with a scew loose. Nicky is Nicky. Charley is Charley. But Carole has a real demon inside.


Again this is good evidence how life-like BB is in a theatrical way. Deeper structures can be sought - often giving new perspectves ... or not sought, giving other perspectives. The deeper perspectives are not necessarily the 'correct' ones as they simply peel back even more false intentinos and mistakes vis a vis character. What is life but a *choice* of evidence, availabe or otherwise. However, in this particular incident, I assume you were given greater insght by watching the live show.


Yes, Nicky, is a "what me?" character one often meets in life.
I think all Hell will break loose if, in the next part, the housemates think one of them has already won the 100,000. A sort of vicious inverse tontine.


Liam: Loaded I Am? Lucky I am? Loser I am?
Probably all three.


Why Liam? I think 'why?' could have been asked of any choice. The most bizarre choice would have been one of the twins!
An interesting turn of events, not least of which is BB's willingness (ability?) to double their prize money. Do the HMs actually realise that this money to Liam now is supposed to be the prize money expected by one of them at the end of the show?


This prize trick is probably the most interesting experiment in BB over the years. Mixed emotions, crossed intentions, synchronicity disrupted, new omens set in motion...

Charley is slightly more humorously human than I thought... acting anger ... flaunting ...

The twins seem to have come prepared to be a circus act.


Davina said something interesting: "Like Hollyoaks, but this is real."
Not real or unreal, I say, but something in between.

Strange how the men see the 18 year old twins as 'untouchable'.

Surprised at Seany's eviction. Every time he said 'cool', he meant 'not cool'.


Well, I certainly liked Seany better than most of the other housemates ... so what went wrong?

Yes, Billi is a tic and a half!

Judging by the live shots at the end of the programme, are Z and C back together so soon!?


Even if I accept what you say Marion - and I do partly - Seany is still preferable to most of the other housemates he's left behind. I don't know what that says.


I think Brian was pretending not to have heard of Shakespeare and Romeo & Juliet.
"Oh this too too solid flesh."

Re Billi, I think we've got to bring out the word Machiavellian again.
Ziggi is nowhere near the same league. Ziggi is a bit thick, I fear.



Yes, let's leave zig and billi till later.

As to Brian, he is a Midwich Cuckoo, as I said before. He is trying for a Jade thickness-effect or he is truly thick or he is very clever (appearing to act and look much older than his years inter-socially) or he really sees reality differently than most of us (non-flushing loos in Wales and the fact of there being a playwright who wrote zillions of years ago really is 'mental'!) or reality truly is Brianified and we all see it wrongly by comparison ...or all of these things, mix and match between.

There is also an interesting phenomenon in some housemates fabricating BB personalities based on previous BB personalities. BB really does evoke panoplies of inextricably mingled art (fiction, theatre) and reality (perceived), panoplies that pure art can never reach.


Charley, despite all her cocksure abrasiveness, is becoming one of the most likeable characters in there. There is definitely a self-aware humorous streak.

I'm still finding it difficult to differentiate the constituents of Samanda.

Billi is a half-clownish swarthy scheming courtier in the palace. The problem for him is that there are no real forces for him to scheme against.

Brian is playing a sort of Gollum character.


Billi can't put a step wrong for me!
Should he have been evicted straight off for calling Charley - what was it? - a 'dick'? Syllables can change in the hearing.

Charley could win BB this year. I prefer her to many of the others.
I think the punishment in itself was fitting - it was just an inadvertent spin-off that the logic of the punishment led to her non-nomination.

I don't think the HMs realised that they could all have had 3 hours sleep, except for one person who would have woken them all up just before the 3 hours expired.

Ziggi has come up in my estimation.

The person who *will* win is Chanelle.


OK, I've wrongly confused Charley's theatricalness with her wild erraticness. I now think you're right, Marion. But one must also weigh entertainment value within the context of a Reality TV show, plus consideration of her typical representativeness as a class of individual who is rife in society (for the social historian) and her intrinsic simplicity/ 'straightness' and her pathetic gabbling aberrations.

I'm beginning to like Gerry.


Thanks, Jonathan, for explaining what madness can be.

And indeed madness travels from mind to mind at top shriek.

Soon there will be silence, as the last HM leaves the place for the twins to flitter around like dreams that have forgotten how to shriek.

Only, perhaps, the echo of Charley's gabble fading...

Only one flat face stuck to a mirror and smothered in slop.



As mentioned above, I am inspired by Jonathan's clear-sighted vision of madness and I want to leave this thread in order to shake off my own form of this madness. In fact, I think I shall leave the whole internet. But I'll wait till the morning before making a final decision.


Jon has decided to saty after all - hopefully you too?

Thanks, Marion. I shall be making muted comments for a while as I have had a bereavement (long expected and a relief, but a shock nevertheless).
Life needs to go on, but for a while, BB will take backstage.


Orginally moved by Jonathan's description of his 'madness' as a reason for going. Appropriately (for me) moved by his eventual real reason for going.


I hear that some of the HMs are questioning the veracity of the twins' apparent naivety.


All is now in the melting pot with a fake new entrant 'mole' and a boomerang eviction!


Carole - a sly one? You're sly, too, Marion. Slyly astute.
Hadn't seen Chanelle in the role of Mrs Rochester, before.
Rian breaking his cover with his 'exhibitionist' slip up.
I think the whole lot may be fake, the twins included!
Liked the way one of the twins kept popping up to talk about jacket potatos during an intense Ziggy/Chanelle self-torture session. Was it the same twin each time?



Brian and Charley being tender together was actually quite real and touching.
The Australian Soap was quite funny - and, again, Charley's part quite endearing.
Brian reminds me of Derek from a previous BB - when Brian falls accidentally into his 'posh' mode.


I think BB is designed to send its audience quite mad with the bluff and double-bluffs of identity. I'm begnning to think Brian is a fake and he is keeping this secret even from himself. He is such a good performer.

The Kylie session was a shambles. Staged to be a shambles. I know - they are all actors! We're the ones being tested, having the wool pulled over our eyes, trying to separate the wheat of truth from the chaff of fakery in ourselves against the foil of mock theatrical realities represented by BB. An experiment in designer phenomenology.

The synchronised shards of random truth and fiction.


The tabula rasa twins also seem appropriate in this scenario.


Flitteries attacked by friskies and feelies!

Why did Amanda have to do two of those fake punishments? She was there at the end cutting grass with Ziggy and Tracy!

Charley's crimewatch face? LOL!


Perhaps to destabilise an already unstable person, you get a stable one? On the other hand...

(I wonder if she recognised wihch twin nominated her or whether she will blame both?)


Reality is created by our individual perceptions of it.
But I do think the phenomenon that is BB has changed all that. We all now live in the single-unit reality created by Charley. Even those who don't watch BB are living in that reality now. There's no escape, except by posting here and staking claim to aother competing reality where we at least recognise the predicament for what it is. Ziggy is now inverse cloning...


I've lost the plot vis a vis Ziggy and Chanelle!

Pie Jesu - judging by Brian's singing - is the Faure version?

Charley's World is slowly taking over, mellowing, but then due to become pent up, thunder-warm, ready for global explosion ...

What *is* Carole up to with pinching men's shoes?


Charley is intolerable.

I think Charley finds herself intolerable! What a cross to bear! She may soon be a rough beast slouching its way to glorious flitterfication? To the background of Faure's Requiem. And Brian's witness as a Wise Midwich King.


I think Charley has a sense of her own weaknesses (weaknesses that part of her sees as weaknesses and another part as strengths!), and one of those weaknesses is being in denial about those very weaknesses. Her one big strength, however, is to have become such a signifcant part of this year's BB, whether intended or not.


A water ballet choreographed to look chaotic - followed by a poignant stud yearning for an untouchable angel.

Get Nicky out!


Having overcome her Clownphobia, Charley then proceeds maturely to advise Ziggy...

I think the obvious winner of BB is Brian. I don't think there can be any doubt about that. He is such a good performer. So much older than his years, one wonders if he gave in the right Birth Cerificate.

The Zig/Chan relationship is so fraught one wonders if a drama (written by any playwright for the purpose of similar emotional involvement) could ever be so convincing? Could actors - given the same words to speak transcribed from what was actually said - be so convincing, too?

The twins lost their cool! Well done, Carole!


des: The twins lost their cool! Well done, Carole!

Marion: Cheers for the twins. I shared their outrage at the language Carole used to them.

In real life, I would be saying something similar to what Marion said. Why has the format of BB (half real, half theatrical?) made me say what I said above? I'm ashamed. (BB aids self-realisation, self-counselling?)

Like BB surrendering control (for the first time in BB history?) to a housemate (Brian) by becoming counselled to his counselling, we are living within a ricochet of perceptions and nightmarish Ziggy/Chanelle goldfish bowls, where the madman is head psychologist. Tarr and Fether?


BB to win BB!

After that trashing of the premises!?
That awful scene typified the bankruptcy of authority, global warming, entropy, the systems of Tarr & Fether:


We share the role of BB on this thread, Marion.
We look after the shades of thread inhabitants shifting from nobody to nothing between the imperceptble flitters of life.
A ghostly diary room where even the chair has more to say than those who read our posts here (8300 recorded views as I write this).


It was spiteful of Gerry to blow up the word spiteful even beyond its extremest possible connotation. So agreed.

I'm glad Charley is showing her bookish side. She makes this thread more in keeping with this bookish Interaction site!

I don't even feel sorry for Nicky.

I feel like queuing up for the Harry Potter book tonight, now I'm in my own bookish mood, engendered by the thought of Charley's book. Books make people read more.



There's something very weird going on with life, the universe, everything. Fake crowds? Or mass hysteria channelled systematically by the astrological pull? Charley is a sort of hub of consciousneess in a Jungian, Tateian (Catherine) irreality.
Now 8471 views of this thread.


I wonder, if it were legally tested, whether it is permissible to run psychological experimenst such as the BB hothouse, even with the permission of the participants. The participants thought they were going into a game show, but - judging by the 'couch' programme that was on before the summary programme - the people are being used as pawns to exemplify psychological traits etc.
And there is a certain amount of cruelty in exposing a flawed person such as Charley to conditions that increase her shortcomings, to the detriment of her overall well being, as seen in tonight's summary. Throughout this whole series, I've had a soft spot for Charley, and I hope this has come out in my posts. I don't thnk she is devious, but naturally reactive. That's not to excuse some of her statements and attitudes because everyone should be judged against the yardstick of acceptable behaviour. But we sometimes ought to give a little bit of slack to those who are genuinely less able to match up to that yardstick. But where does that end? We are then faced with a thin edge of a wedge. Zero tolerance may be the answer. BB evokes such dichotomies.


Carole flaunted it! Blimey!
Carole finds BB easy as she refuses to get emotionally involved with it. She is playing a game. A philosophical attitude where sometimes she loses her temper, true, but she never really loses it. She is thick-skinned. Very thick-skinned.

Chanelle is a serial player-to-the-camera.


I note that - after the Holocaust - Carole will still be there cooking among the cockroaches (or cooking for the cockroaches?).

I've suspected Brian of being a fraud from early on. A clever fraud. But not quite clever enough completely to conceal how clever his fraud really is.

What's the betting on the twins being frauds, too? Or simply natural icons for a future mass revolution of niceness and flitterfication?



I think Charley was more cowed than usual knowing that she is being monitored by BB.
I think it 6 of one and half a dozen of the other with her and Chanelle. I don't like Chanelle at all. And I do disappove of Charley's behaviour.


All's well that ends well..
But what tantrums fom Chanelle! (In case my grown-up daughter is reading this I'd better not say what experience I've had with similar tantrums many years ago!).
And Charley did a good imitation of these Chanelle tantrums at the end!

Thought Carole was very good in 'Stairway to Heaven' - both poignant and slapstick.

Thought the twins in their wigs looked like Laura Palmer from TWIN PEAKS.



Things are getting very complex in the house; everyone hates and loves each other.

Tracy in her woolly hat secretly controls, by grimacing, this land of marat sade.

High dudgeon overflows around a dead zone, as emotions cancel each other out.


This is what I said on Day One (May 30):

I foresee trouble coming from Carol!!

Carole seems to be the spider at the centre of the web as you say. But Tracy is somehow the spider within that spider.

I still have a soft spot for Charley (compared to most of the others) and I hope she doesn't go tomorrow, although I expect she will.


Charley still had a kiss goodbye for Chanelle,
She is a bitch, though!

Don't like the look of the halfwayers, Jonty looks like Robert Aickman,


Come on, Marion, admit that Charley was growing on you towards the end!

Tsk! Tsk! are the right words for Ziggy. He's an unprincipled fop.

Chanelle is a poseur, a Nicky-imitator (Nicky from the previous BB) .
Vivaldi - the red priest - suits her and will eventually conjugalize her and Ziggy in the Church of Celebrity. (I think they've only pretended to conjugalize so far). Summer of the Four Seasons approaches its thunderous culmination.

Carole spins her web - even to the extent of milking a pose of emotional involvement. (She used the word 'milk' in this sense upon entering the house on 30 May).


Ziggy is depressed, aware of his own self-destruction.
As Gerry implies, a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.
But all tragedies need a clown - a Porter scene - and we have Jonty in his Noel Coward dressing-gown with his Brideshead Revisited teddy bears and his Peter Brough 'Archie Andrews' act...


Having woken to a new sunny day, I can't match your fine summations of goings on last night, Marion. You took the words from my mouth - better words.

This is more nightmarish than any dedicated 'Horror' art. I don't know why Horrorists bother, when BB does it so much better, theatrically and realistically, separately and both at once.

The flower fairies could win after all this by simply being tabula rasas!

Indeed, all too much. Especially, Shannassa.


Although I think Chanelle is a mixed-up kid, what she was saying about Ziggy's treatment of her was mostly true. A very traumatic scene and one that it is difficult to justify as having been engendered by the hothouse psychological 'experiment' of BB. It does, however, lead to some interesting phenomena of human interaction in a 'performance of self-perception' as well as real emotions.


I'm entirely confused by the comings and goings now and proposed. Is Shanessa going to judge which house each man goes into with a quick inspection of their jack in the box?

David seems to be all-knowing. He's obviously been reading this thread as preparation for going into the house.

Liam and Amy have not wasted any time. I wonder if they will estimate the time taken for the spring to be released.


Shenessa and David to go!

I think Amy is OK, actually. I'm beginning to like Jonty.

Like to keep Tracy for old times sake, though I'm not particularly fond of her.

There does not seem to be much natural justice in the different ways people have been switched around.

Carole and Ziggy were pleased to see each other again.


Just watched David's honking tussle with the luncheon meat.

Was he actually invoking Saki's Sredni Vashtar during the course of this incredible experience?


Pleased with the eviction result. David looked really gutted and will no doubt be invoking Sredni Vashtar again - this time to eat Amy's brain when she's asleep,

The twins getting a bit perky?


Most of tonight went over my head.

Have things generally gone off the boil?

PS: Is underwear really measured by the litre these days?


However, subterranean things are going on.

BB is deeper even than some complex literature. I am currently deconstructing last night's summary programme, in the light of your comments, Marion.


Just need Shilpa Shetty to return so as to advise on the roasting of the chicken!

I think we should cook all of them - a real nut roast.

The Twins situation seems strange - a one-flitter wonder.

But they're all probably right. Whoever is up against the Twins for eviction is dead meat. Or at least half-cooked.


You are a reality sleuth, Marion. You heard the expression here first!

Kara is a cool fomenter. A Pogrom Panjandrum.

Ziggy is clouded by a web of mixed intentions bordering not only on self-doubt and existential angst, but on reality channels that even our sleuth can't fathom. Ziggy himself, of course, is not clever enough to sing along with these Shadows.

The twins - a single flutterby? Indeed, Marion, one that gurgles nonsense poems to ward off the mosquito dreams that will one day sadly bite them.


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