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Friday, August 27, 2010
Welcome To The Tensies

Welcome To The Tensies

posted Friday, 1 January 2010



The Decade of the Tensies.

Or perhaps better as THE TENSES (as in time-zones and stress)

I shall be publishing NULL IMMORTALIS and someone else will be publishing THE LAST BALCONY.


And CERN ZOO will continue to show evidence of LHC and Real Events being connected, like a Planetary Horoscope and You - by synchronicity if not by cause-and-effect.

1. Weirdmonger left...
Friday, 1 January 2010 11:29 am

Machine Circles --- 'Turn The Crank' story in Cern Zoo, a Planetary Horoscope (that I was interested in during the Seventies), LHC, the Wind Farm of turning fanblades out at sea recently built where I live, the Norway Spiral (cover of Cern Zoo photographed by me in Norway), LHC sabotaging itself from the furture, the bird with beget bread, the circular retrocausal self in 'Cinnabar's Gnosis' etc. etc. Bern Zoo - and 'The Lion's Den' in Cern Zoo. The Cone Zero over Russsia and, again, the Norway spiral in Tromso. Storm + Zero. Cone Zero cover.

2. Weirdmonger left...
Friday, 1 January 2010 12:26 pm

According to Internet research just now, the above is the first time the new Decade has been called the TENSES.

3. Weirdmonger left...
Friday, 1 January 2010 1:53 pm :: http://www.exoccidente.com/

'The Last Balcony' by DF Lewis is planned to be published by Ex Occidente Press (please see link immediately above) during 2010.

4. Weirdmonger left...
Saturday, 2 January 2010 9:32 am

Some decades have also been named after the words in their names. i.e 1920 was the start of the Twenties whilst 1921 was the start of the decade proper.

5. Weirdmonger left...
Sunday, 3 January 2010 4:51 pm :: http://weirdmonger.blog-city.com/from_th

Not the Noughties but the No-ones (at link immediately above)

Posted at 03:22 pm by Weirdmonger

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