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Friday, April 12, 2013
Busy Blood

Image of the head by Tony Lovell
Image of the head was originally by Tony Lovell
The Lost Wine: A version of 'Le vin perdu' by Paul Valery
"Thinking of blood..." .
...whence arrive 'profound forms' from wine and sea, a rose spray... A delicious poem that reminds me of Swinburne and perhaps much else when factored into the angles of vision presented by all these poets' gestalt. Things within. Moments of loss as life becomes death or just tinged foam after the literary-symbiotic exorcism of the previous poem's reference back and forth to 'The Magic Mountain' and its diseased, salmon-pink lungs like 'reloaded stones'...
Excerpt from my review of STAR KITES by Mark Valentine: here.

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